Skydio, selfie drone..

It’s been a long time to post (almost a year…).

There is a new selfie drone named Skydio R1 descendants of the former Google Project wing and MIT graduates and the video below shows what it can do.

It seems the drone does a pretty good job with 13 cameras (6 stereo pairs (i.e., one pair for each plane) global shutter camera +1 front filming high-res cam) with NVIDIA TX1 as the primary processing unit. Each stereo pair creates/estimates depths and represents them as voxel for local obstacle avoidance, motion planning, and object prediction (Skydio says 4 secs horizon). DNN is used for an object (mostly human) detection and tracking from the image taken from the front high-res camera (not sure!). More technical detail and explanations can be found from the interview with Adam Bry, who is the CEO of Skydio.

Here is more testing video. I don’t whether he got some support from Skydio but personally, I like his review that usually since he has frankly described gadget’s (DJI Mavic or GoPro) pros and cons in consumer’s perspectives.

If you want to know more about under-the-hood software packages, CMU RI seminar of Adam Bry would be a good starting point.

DJI Mavic teardown

I haven’t posted an article for a while… This may stem from my current moving from Southern hemisphere to Northern.

Here is an interesting video of tearing down DJI’s latest product, Mavic, visual-inertial powered drone. Their electrical engineering is quite good and I had a feeling that they know what they are doing (see shielding for RF signals and ESCs).

In addition, the narrator has decent background of electrical engineering and this helps viewers understand the footage even better!