Monthly Archives: January 2009

Robot news sites link.


Sites description: This site contains news related to recent robots and famous people. And also it supports podcast on your pod!. If you have one, enjoying it.!

Most podcasts are made up of interview b/w famous people, professor, faculty members, chief executive officer and a journalist.

I think this site not only provides fresh information about robot but gives listening materials.


Here are a lot of news from many bloggers and reporters.

Additionaly, containing the lastes youtube movie clips.


iee spectrum online is managed by IEEE.

Therefore, information on the blog has more reliability than any other web sites.

Design is pretty simple and well organized.



Engadget is one of my favorite site for fun.

robot.engadget is sort of above site and has abundant information about robotics field.

It’s good place where to start enhancing interest about robotics.