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An workaround for mex within MATLAB, “No supported compiler or SDK was found.”

I faced an error “No supported compiler or SDK was found.” when I tried to compile mexlised cpp file on MATLAB2015a (Mac 10.10.5).

MATLAB complains as fellow when “mex -setup” command is issued.

“No supported compiler or SDK was found.” which means that either no compiler has been installed on your system or not properly been linked with MATLAB’s mex.

The following link worked for my case and I could successfully compile mexlised cpp files.

And the attached xcode7_mexopts

Hope this save some your time.


How to Download Courses Using youtube-dl on Mac and Ubuntu

I got a 30 days free-trial for from Linked in and want to store some video courses in case of expiry. There is an awesome software called “youtube-dl” that is a small (not actually) Python script fetches all video courses that you want at once. Before using this, you need to provide your id, password, and URL where the video course is. More information can be found from the below link.

XtraFinder, Awesome tool for adding useful features to Finder.

I have been looking for a way of adding a menu of “create a new text file” by just one right click on Mac (Yosemite). It is similar to a function what Windows already has but not for Mac. In order to create a blank text file, that is very common when you are using PC, I need to open a text editor and put some text in the file and save it to the path you want. This takes time and annoying sometimes when your path is a bit complicated.

Here is a workaround. XtraFinder will do all these things for you. All what you need to do is just install file and one click “New file” in Add items to Finder menus tab.

It is a free software and no limitations as far as know.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 3.33.07 pm