deepFruits: Datasets and annotation tool. (updated!!, 25/Oct/2021)

(Update) deepFruits dataset can be found from link below

deepFruits dataset (pytorch yolov5 format)

Note that this dataset is reprocessed using roboflow which supports import/export as various formats.

For those who are interested in other than yolov5 (pytorch format), please have a look our public datasets from below. (roboflow account required)


Please cite our related publication with this dataset and documentation if you use the proposed framework or dataset.

AUTHOR = {Sa, Inkyu and Ge, Zongyuan and Dayoub, Feras and Upcroft, Ben and Perez, Tristan and McCool, Chris},
TITLE = {DeepFruits: A Fruit Detection System Using Deep Neural Networks},
JOURNAL = {Sensors},
VOLUME = {16},
YEAR = {2016},
NUMBER = {8},
PAGES = {1222},
URL = {},
ISSN = {1424-8220},
DOI = {10.3390/s16081222}

================== out of update ============================

Please find the document below that describes how to fine-tune Faster-RCNN for fruits detection. It includes the code patch that allows fine-tuning by yourself and annotation tool (written in MATLAB). The dataset can be found from here.

Tutorial documentation

In order to perform object detection with Faster-RCNN for sweep pepper or your objects, we need to patch the original Faster-RCNN with this file. The version of py-faster-rcnn ( we used is;

commit 81ee2272c76a89748d56355a048ffce7c05a3e67
Author: Ross Girshick <>
Date:   Wed Oct 28 08:52:34 2015 -0700
Set cfg.GPU_ID in

commit 4115385deb3b907fcd428ac0ab53b694d741a3c4
Author: Ross Girshick <>
Date: Sun Aug 9 13:41:39 2015 -0700


Please note that the fine-tuning requires a NVIDIA CUDA GPU which has more than 8GB GPU memory. Make sure your graphics card can handle this before running.

Please also note that this software package has been verified only local HPC (high-performance computing) environments. It may be different to your Linux system environments (e.g., dependencies). But we provide troubleshooting guidance that we have experienced in the above document.



2 thoughts on “deepFruits: Datasets and annotation tool. (updated!!, 25/Oct/2021)

  1. Moussa Mansour


    I read your paper DeepFruits: A fruit detection systems using deep neural networks and I am trying to implement the proposed model. However, I tried to download the files z_ge-py-faster-rcnn.tar and but it seems that the links are broken. Is there another repository to get this files?

    Thank you,
    Moussa Mansour

  2. enddl22 Post author

    This happens due to Dropbox stops to serve a public link that I used. The link has been updated to my google drive and now it should work.
    Thank you for your interests on our work.

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