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A little talk about OpenCV feature detectors and descriptors.

UPDATE: Now it is in the OpenCV documentation, here:http://opencv.itseez.com/modules/features2d/doc/feature_detection_and_description.html#orb

A detailed description of the algorithm is found here:http://www.willowgarage.com/sites/default/files/orb_final.pdf

It is not mentioned in OpenCV documentation but actually OpenCV has:

Two types of descriptors:

  • float descriptors:
    • SIFT
    • SURF
  • uchar descriptors:
    • ORB
    • BRIEF

And corresponding matchers:

  • for float descriptors:
    • FlannBased
    • BruteForce<L2<float> >
    • BruteForce<SL2<float> > //since 2.3.1
    • BruteForce<L1<float> >
  • for uchar descriptors:
    • BruteForce<Hamming>
    • BruteForce<HammingLUT>

So you need to modify your code to use for example BruteForce<Hamming> matcher for ORB descriptors. It is possible to use L2 or L1 distance for matching uchar descriptors but results will be incorrect and findHomography returns unsatisfactory results.