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Recording iPhone or iPad screen through Mac Yosemite..

There are some way to record iPhone or IPad’s screen using in-built apps but need to pay for it or unstable. Yosemite, the new version of MacOS, supports screen recording functionality through Quicktime player.

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Ever needed to create a tutorial or walkthrough for something on iOS? Or do you just fancy projecting your iPhone or iPad screen onto your Mac’s display?

Previously the only way to do so was complicated setups involving AirPlay mirroring and third-party software. With Yosemite all you need do is attach the device to your Mac via USB and then open QuickTime Player. Then select File > New Movie Recording.

QuickTime will default to your Mac’s iSight camera (assuming it has one), but click the small down arrow alongside the record button and your iPad or iPhone will show-up as an option.

Of course, you haven’t got to record anything, and can simply expand the QuickTime Player window to full-screen for some cool game-play mirroring! You can also select the New Audio Recording option in QuickTime Player to record only audio via your phone or tablet’s microphone. (Sadly, recording video/audio in this works only with Lightning connections and not the older iPod-style cables.)


Structure sensor for iPad… might explain why Apple recently acquired “Primescene”.

As we already knew, two giant companies, Apple and Google, finished the last Christmas shopping. Google bought several robotics, sensor related companies and Apple acquired PrimeScene, the patent holder for Microsoft Kinect.

I found funny add-on type accessory for iPad, Structure Sensor.

Have a look the below video and you can get an idea of it.

Now it is quite expensive, almost 4/5 price of a iPad, $349 but the cost might be suitable if it will be integrated into the new iPad version.

Structure Sensor 3D Scanner

Structure Sensor 3D Scanner

Structure Sensor 3D Scanner

Structure Sensor 3D Scanner