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Microsoft’s new Kinect revealed

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  • “High-definition,” “high-fidelity” 3D vision. Obviously, the biggest deal for robotics is the improved 3D sensing. We’re not sure what “high-definition” means, exactly, but it’s definitely better, possibly 1080p 60fps better. The sensor itself operates based on time of flight (like a radar gun), making it at least three times more sensitive and lighting-independent. It can see the freakin’ buttons on your shirt from several feet away! This means better object recognition, better mapping, better everything that you depend on 3D data for.
  • Active IR. Kinect can now see in the dark. IN THE DARK, PEOPLE!
  • Skeletal tracking with joint rotation. When combined with a physics model, the sensor can estimate muscle movements and forces.
  • Pulse detection (!). The sensor tracks color changes in your skin to determine your heartbeat.
  • Emotion detection. In addition to tracking binary things like eyes and mouth open or close, Kinect also estimates your emotional state and whether or not you’re paying attention to it.


Capri 1.25, More tiny but similar performance for 3D sensing.

As many already know, “Prime scene” released a 3D sensing device and Microsoft opened it to the market as a “Kinect”.

Recent CES 2013 show, Prime scene demonstrated a quite interesting device named “Capri” which has shrunk by factor of 10 of the previous version.

Prime scene a new version of Kinect, “Capri” which has order of magnitude 1/10 size)

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Other than form factor, it still supports USB2.0 power which means you don’t need to look for a power plug at all! Just plug in your laptop or other mobile devices.

It will be also useful for aerial robotics area.