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A tip for latex table, Create LaTex table online!

I found a pretty awesome tool that can create a LaTex table with an intuitive interface (like excel table). What all you need to do is filling a table and generate code. Of course copy and paste.

It also tells you which packages are required depending on your table design. My case, I need to use multirow package and it works like charm!.

Here is the link and enjoy.


Latexdiff in TexShop, how to highlight changes between two latex files.

Often times, you may want to see changes between two latex files: let’s say old.tex and new.tex file.

There is a simple workaround that creates diff.tex file using latexdiff. I have tried to use texdiff and compiled using texshop but it spits lots of errors (protect/TLS ….).

Alternative is using latexdiff and it works like charm in my case. Locate two tex files in a folder and run the following command.


 latexdiff old.tex new.tex > diff.tex


You should be able to compile diff.tex file if you can compile new.tex and old.tex files. The below is an example how it looks like.

Putting a page number in Latex.

In order to put a page number,


This will put just a plain page number for each page.

More fancy functions are also supported and you can find them from the following links.



If a page number is too close of your text, then use the following script.