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Shell,(bash) tiny thing but might be important, [: missing `]’

Source from: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15993062/bash-scripting-missing

I am getting an error ./test.sh: line 13: [: missing `]’ in the file test.sh I tried using brackets and other options such as -a or by checking the size of the file p1 but the error is always there and the else statement is always executed irrespective of the input given.I even tried by removing the ; in line 13 but it didn’t help. test.sh

    echo "Enter app name"
    read y
    $y &
    top -b -n 1 > topLog.log
    #-w checks for the whole word not and sub string from that word
    grep -w "$y" topLog.log > p1
    #-s option checks if the file p1 is present or not
    if [ -s "p1"];  #line 13
        echo "Successful "
        echo "Unsuccessful"
    rm p1

I am new to bash scripting.So if there is any silly mistake please excuse me.


if [ -s "p1"];  #line 13


if [ -s "p1" ];  #line 13

note the space.