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A small talk about “Reference” or “citation”.

Usually, we call a person FIRST NAME + LAST NAME in western country.

For instance, my name is Inkyu Sa.

The order is opposite in a way of most asian countries such as South Korea or China.

When you need to write up paper, might cite other many references.

Then you must clearly presents authors name on the Reference section.

Most conference papers are written in “LASTNAME, The first character of the first name”

For example, my name can be put in reference section “Sa, I.”.

If there are more than 2 authors, the reference might be this.

“Sa, I. and Park, H.”

If there are more than 3 authors, the reference might be this.

“Sa, I., Park, H., and Sa, Y.”

It is confusing that if there are two people who have the same character of their first name.

For instance, my sons name are Sa Yohan and Sa Yosep. Their name is put on the reference section as exactly same.

How can we distinguish this?

Universal Essay 8


Let me take my online shopping for example.

A few years ago, it was the first birthday of my best friend’s daughter.

I logged on the Internet to buy picture books for her.

When I first went some infant picture book shopping malls, I was overwhelmed by numerous books in their kinds and colors.

Their pictures were also so fascinating and eye-catching that any baby would be attracted.

In addition, every book had words and phrases like the best-selling, the most popular, educational, and creative.

These things made me believe no matter what I bought, there would be no regrets.

However, just in case, I called my friend to ask if he liked book series that I had chosen.

Contrary to my expectation, he told me not to believe all the false and exaggerated advertisements and instead to visit consumers’ websites where they shared information about products.

On one of the websites, I was able to read what moms and dads wrote about picture books that they had bought.

Besides, the community had the to-buy and not-to-buy lists.

Sadly, picture books that I was going to buy were on the not-to-buy list.

After fully informed, I shopped around again and everything looked different.

I was no longer so naive to be attracted by the lies in the commercials.